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  • FREE TUTORIAL 30/09/2016

    Richie Mason shows how to create a ZBrush droid, using hard-surface sculpting techniques and custom brushes...

    FREE TUTORIAL 29/09/2016

    Learn the techniques Aekkarat Sumutchaya uses to paint a leather material for his characters costume

    INTERVIEW 29/09/2016

    "Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 8" contributing artist Loopydave lets us know his inner workings as an illustrator, sharing some of his amazing work...

    FREE TUTORIAL 28/09/2016

    Create a forbidding volcanic environment in Zbrush, using 3ds Max to frame the final scene and Photoshop for those finishing touches...

    INTERVIEW 27/09/2016

    Senior character artist Romell Chopraa shares the workflow behind his Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe image, and his future plans...

  • FREE TUTORIAL 26/09/2016

    Today we'll look at exporting footage from After Effects into a single video format ready for sending to a client or uploading to the internet...

    NEW PRODUCTS 26/09/2016

    Learn how to create dynamic sci-fi illustrations in Photoshop and get an introduction to 3D printing with our two new eBooks!

    SNEAK PEEK! 26/09/2016

    2dartist issue 129 is out now, featuring detailed tutorials, interviews with awesome artists, plenty of inspiring images– and more!

    FREE TUTORIAL 23/09/2016

    Alberth Costa da Silva shows you how he creates high quality architectural images in 3ds Max...

    FREE CHAPTER 22/09/2016

    Discover how to create a believable production image with a cinematic feel using color grading and complex layer techniques in this free taster of Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 8!

  • INTERVIEW 22/09/2016

    We spoke to Rob "Woko” Watkins about working in the CG industry...

    NEW ISSUE! 21/09/2016

    Issue 129 of 2dartist is available now! Featuring interviews with Ned Rogers and Nader Sharaf, learn to paint a Viking inspired shaman, design a futuristic generator and much more!

    FREE TUTORIAL 21/09/2016

    Fuad Quaderi shares his 3D-Coat workflow for creating awesome sci-fi characters

    INTERVIEW 20/09/2016

    We had a chat with two very talented 3D artists, Henning Sanden and Morten Jæger about what inspires them

    FREE TUTORIAL 20/09/2016

    Sculpt an alien planet in ZBrush with instruction from self-taught artist Aron Kamolz

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

29th September 2016

Paris is under attack by a large spaceship in Invasion Day, a graduation short film created by Isart Digital students.

28th September 2016

A new trailer is out for Disney's Moana animated film.

27th September 2016

Blur Studio have created this CG trailer for Atlas Reactor.

26th September 2016

Dreamworks have released a new trailer for Trolls.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

29th September 2016

The cast and crew of Doctor Strange talk about the upcoming Marvel film's story and setting.

29th September 2016

Cinesite have posted a VFX reel of their work on Captain America: Civil War.

29th September 2016

Take a look at using mask generators in Substance Designer in this free video tutorial.

29th September 2016

Cartoon and character artists near Birmingham, UK: don't miss veteran artist Stephen Silver's workshop next week!

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